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dotno Domains - your own .no domainname

Do you want a .no-domain, but are not living in Norway or have your own norwegian company?
Register the domain through our trustee service with local presence!

We are currently not accepting new customers. If you are a wholesaler/registrar, current customer, have an inquiry or a reference from one of our current customers please send us an email on info@dotno.domains

Bank transfer

We also accept payment by bank transfer.
Please use the following information.

IBAN: NO78 1201 8996 551
Amount: 29$ USD (or any local currency equivalent)
Message/Note: yourdomainname.no

Since we started in late 2015, we have got customers from:


We only have one price, thats $29 per year! You pay this through Paypal/bank transfer once per year, and the domain holder will still be dotno Domains (Trustee Service). We will notify you and keep you updated before renewal is due, of course. No need for you to worry. You can do whatever your want with the domain … within the boundaries of the law and the registrars terms, ofcourse. We’ll keep your domain safe!


Will help you through and make sure you are happy with your .no domainname.

Facebook   /   info@dotno.domains

Phone +47 93281748

Useful information

We started out in 2015 because we saw a rising demand in non-norwegian companies who wanted to register .no-domains. Since then we have registered hundreds of .no-domains. All this information is publicly available here on the .no registry's webpage here (English):

When you do a search for one of or companies (for example 923230882, 920623204, 982330424 or 921695098), you can see all domains registered on each of the companies. We have more companies aswell, but these are the ones we have used lately. The reason we have several companies is that it is only allowed to register 100 .no-domains per company
Dotno Domains will on paper be the holder of the domain name, but we are not thieves. Your domain name is yours to use. We wont have access to do DNS-changes, redirects, email-configuration. This is what you do over at your registrar.

Making changes will never be poplular with our customers, so the only thing we do is ask for a delete of a domain if we dont get paid or if there is a fraudulent registration/violating of 3rd party rights. We always communicate this to our customer first in case the claim that everything is in order or if there is a misunderstanding of some sorts. The customer can always transfer the domain to a different holder at any time, regardless of reason. We will not steal your domain and sell it back to you and we will not sell it to anyone else. That sort of behaviour is bad for business and if we did that, we would immediately have law suits against us. We are a trustee service and all information is publicly available for anyone to see.
1. Make a $29 Paypal-payment to info@dotno.Domains, use the Paypal link on our webpage or let us know and we can make a Paypal invoice for you!
Remember to mark your payment with the domainname if you choose the first option. We also accept bank transfer, email us for details.

2. In addition you need to pay the registration fee/ annual to your registrar (usually between $9 and $15). So for billing contact at the registrar, use your addresss.. This is important. You will be responsible for renewal of your .no-domain(s), and this means that the billing information needs to be up-to-date.
Yes, we do offer discounts if you choose to register more than 10, more than 50 and more than 100 domains. We have registrars, private persons, companies, web-designers and domain resellers on our customer list.
Email us for more information.
Norid (.no registry) has information on what organization that is holder of all .no-domains. Everyone can find this information as it is publicly available. As soon as Dotno Domains has recieved payment, the domain will be listed with Dotno Domains as holder for a year. This as long as you follow your registrars terms, of course. If you dont pay, violate 3rd party rights or register illegal/fraudulent domains we will take actions to avoid our trustee service being threatened.

A .no-domain requires holder adress based in Norway, and this is why we are offering this Trustee service with local presence. You can read more here: https://www.norid.no/en/regelverk/navnepolitikk/#link5